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+ Jasmine Heaton

Corporate Website

Strategy & Social Media

+ Manu Matute

Corporate Website

Frontend & Website

+ Jussi Benninga

Corporate Website

Marketing Manager

+ Filipe Cadete Ph.D.

Genomics & Bioinformatics

Content Developer

+ Alexandre Gouy Ph.D.

Genomics & Ecology/Evolution

Content Developer

+ Carla Dalton

Content & Website

Marketing Assistant

Final Release (Version 1.0)

+ Dave Fitzpatrick

Visual Communication Director

New Visual Identity & Website

+ Martin English

Senior Project Manager

Tutorials & Project Expansion

+ Marion Libouban Ph.D.


Translational Sciences & Immuno-Oncology

Customer Release

Beta version

Alpha Version

+ Samir Naji


Business & Finance Strategy

+ Faris Naji

Cofounder and CEO

Tercen beginning of development

+ Alexandre Maurel

Cofounder and CTO

Tercen beginning of development