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The Biomedical Data
Analysis Platform.

Explore scientific data without learning how to code.

Focus on

High Dimensional
Flow Cytometry

  • Import your files directly from the cytometer.
  • Use the latest algorithms for Quality Control, Dimension Reduction and Clustering.
  • Visualise your results for publication. (Heatmap, Multivariate Plot, Minimum Spanning Tree).

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Why Choose Tercen?

A Fresh Approach to Data Analysis...

Tercen makes it easy to visualise large biomedical datasets. One click can deliver whole analysis pipelines complete with cutting-edge bioinformatics. Our revolutionary collaboration tools allow you to share your research like never before.

Drag and Drop

Visual Analysis Design

  • Build clear analysis pipelines intuitively
  • Choose advanced statistical techniques from our app library
  • Have controlled and reproducible experiments
  • No coding skills necessary

Adjust and Enhance

Simple, Flexible, Powerful

  • Get insightful views of your data in seconds
  • Link clinical annotations and create any type of graph
  • Process files directly from the instrument
  • Use high performance cloud computing


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"Tercen enables me to analyses high-dimensional flow cytometry data with clustering algorithms that would otherwise require me to learn and use an elaborate R pipeline. In addition, Tercen allows for easy quality checks in between each data-step and can integrate multiple datasets."

Ralph Mass - PhD student at the Radboud umc

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