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Collaborate with your community. No coding required

Why Choose Tercen?

A Fresh Approach to Data Analysis ...

Tercen is a rapid and flexible, drag and drop, data analytics platform that requires no coding knowledge. It easily allows users to share, integrate, and build-upon large data-sets in a simple and user-friendly environment. All online and in the cloud.

Easy To Use

Take control of your data quickly. No coding necessary.

Flexible Visualisation

Build insightful views of your data in seconds. Simply drag and drop.

Work Together

Copy, share, contribute, and collaborate on all your projects effortlessly.

Simply drag and drop

Data Analysis Workflow

  • Start an analysis workflow quickly
  • Use simple and advanced statistics
  • No coding skills necessary

Adjust and customise

Simplicity in Seconds

  • Drag and drop to create any type of visual
  • Create heatmaps, bar graphs, scatter plots, and more
  • Quickly get an overview of your data
  • Change workflows intuitively

Share and explore

Tercen Community

  • Share and work on data together
  • Save time by importing analysis
  • Get feedback on your work
  • Promote open science


"Tercen enables me to analyses high-dimensional flow cytometry data with clustering algorithms that would otherwise require me to learn and use an elaborate R pipeline. In addition, Tercen allows for easy quality checks in between each data-step and can integrate multiple datasets."

Ralph Mass - PhD student at the Radboud umc